Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying out again, i like the face it has linkedin and yahoo. Some miss those little fellas out.

Social Traffic at Facebook

This was a Note from the Creator, Social Traffic Hub on Facebook.

"Simon U Ford's" Circle Of Trust band together in search of "people who get it".
Q. What are your idea’s worth?
A. Nothing if you don’t execute them.

Q. What are your word’s worth?
A. Nothing if others can’t take them on face value.

As a general rule; I find people who honour their words, talk in a decisive tone and act on ideas gain the respect of their community. Sometimes we undervalue the importance of the fact that when your mind becomes determined and committed to achieving a goal, the world conspires to help you. People will come out of the blue to support your cause. Opportunities you hadn't seen before will come knocking on your door.

I have an inner circle of trusted friends who subscribe to a theory that; “The population is made up of a few goats and a lot of sheep. Goats are animals that like to find their own way. Sheep like to follow the crowd. A Shepard is someone capable of influencing a few goats, who can lead the sheep into following them”

We are building a Facebook group that comprises some Shepard’s capable of influencing many goats who will lead the masses on a journey to the cutting edge. This group is already leading with a mind set that everyone needs to succeed if marketing on social media in the years to come.

If you have been invited to Join this group, please be ready to contribute to it's growth before you accept. The group is going to lead a movement that will shift boundaries in the way Social Networking evolves over the next 72 months.

Why be a member of any group if you are not contributing to its growth?


The group is a Event of the Century and nothing short of Vision. Being a participant just this week,
the organization and structures in place were organised and under review continually.

Everyone can participate, it has an open door policy. You must go to see, you never know the power
you hold within a group.