Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Google Profile

Google is a Engine I have come to respect. Its simply giving me so much for so little.
I have come to expect the high standards they maintain and will not take any less.

With google, I am impressed. Its not an understatement. I am a Social media enthusist,
I have delved through many systems to work out how they work, it just is interesting and
gives me great satisfaction. The benefit it now I can teach it and understand it, prod a new
concept and really get to the nuts and bolts of any aspect in front of me.

As you see on this blog, there are a few features. For instance I am using the blogger platform
which is of course linked to my gmail, yes easy peasy logging in. Then I have the benefits of google friend connect which gives my readers a simple way to log into this site and leave a comment. No huge dramas
anymore having a conversation.........I have done the same on other blogs.

I own Houseplus Blog also the experiences and services I run on Will
To me its created a great system.

But I did not install and just assume it was great, I watched, tweaked watched the interest
and those coming by and the meaningful relationships in business derived. Well honestly
never had so many. Admittedly I have learnt so much and I am the sort of person that will always
continue learning. I learn it then teach it, I am a leader from example, not of idle speech.

So I will watch google, I must admit I am using most of their tools, documents is easy to use. I found
it great as I have a works system and found it difficult to change formats for other computers, now I just
publish make a webpage then anyone can view, how easy is that.

Well Google, shall watch and wait for more Action.

Thankyou for realising Social Media Greatness.