Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do you Choose Relationships or Clicks?

There are many types of Marketing available to many as Entrepreneurs/Small businesses.

Just look at all the so called "Gurus" offering you this and that everyday
my product gives you traffic, you can buy traffic etc......................

My philosophy with Traffic has always been simple, give me quality, give
me targeted results and don't let me waste my time.

This goes for you too! You need RESULTS!

Isn't it far more productive working an hour a day and receiving conversations
and new people to meet.

The other option is using all that time clicking on a list builder or a Traffic Exchange
hate to say it but you will end up doing more.

Now if I was going to spend my hard earned money, I look at it like this!
If I am paying, I want to pay for Results not a maybe.

A maybe is someone saying my "........................." is the best and it will do this
and that..........................blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I do not want false promises or misguided information, jeppers most online
have a job or work offline, who has that sort of time.

If I have only 2-5 Hours a day, you need productivity in all your accounts, you
need traffic, who does not?

So here is a new rule for you, if spending show me results.
If free must have targeting results. So test it!

This is why I use Social Media, its finding the voice of the people. Next it is giving
you real time answers, real time people. Also its people that are attracted to you,
yeah well no lesson in attraction marketing today, just traffic.

I am reminded while I write this by something Simon said to many of us just the other
day, 100 receptive people can dominate online media. This is an active studious

Clicks will serve you one main purpose, yes it does have a purpose. It is showing the search
engines your site is being visited. Great! Yeah it is. But I want great with a purpose, thats
why I choose Realtionships.

Do you Want Real People answering instead of Bots?
Can you really afford not to?

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